In the global ranking of Times Higher Education (THE) World University, published in 2021, Obuda University (OU) was officially positioned to the 1079 position and among the first 350 young universities listed as the best Hungarian higher education institution in the THE ranking of young universities. These indicators also reflect the strengthening and rising standards of the university.

Obuda University, named after Óbuda, a part of Budapest, is the number one practice-oriented technical University in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2000 as Budapest Tech . Our engineering and applied science departments and programs are among the nation’s oldest with 140 years of rich tradition.

Obuda University now jointly opening a Student Recruiting office in Nairobi, Kenya with an Industrial IT partner (ACPM IT).  This New, 360degree Concept allows to enquire a highly evaluated diplomas/certificate, multicultural practical training opportunities and a dream job in Technical/Business environment.

Our Mission
Our Mission

The fundamental mission of the Obuda University is to serve the interest of society, the economy and our industrial partners through the transfer and constant development of high level knowledge and skills and innovation on national, regional and global level. We aim to be train and develop the highest number of tech and engineers in Africa.

Our vision
Our vision

The highest value of the university are its students, as well as its qualified professionals, engineers, computer scientists, economists, engineering teachers and doctors who provide the trademark of the University. We would like to become the leading Tech and engineering training University in Africa, their number 1 choice.

We turn ideas

Into engineering

Why at Obuda University?

Come and join our vibrant international community of students, highly-qualified teachers and professionals. 140+ years of existence keeping up educational excellence University Research and Innovation Centre ensure your competitive advantage in the labor market. Located in Budapest, Hungary in the heart of Europe


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