The recruitment office of Obuda University in Nairobi is a great success

Compared to the preliminary plans, twice as many Kenyan students applied to study at Obuda University as we had expected at the opening in March, said rector Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács.

From September, seven students are expected to enroll at Obuda University to study through the recruitment office in Nairobi.

Over the past seven years, the university has built the possibility of opening the current office step by step.

Our goal is the knowledge acquired by Kenyan students to be utilized on the labor market as soon as possible, said Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács. With a hybrid and cooperative form of training, students can start working during the training or spend their training period at Kenyan and Hungarian companies with which Obuda University has a cooperation.

Today, Obuda University is recognized by the Kenyan Ministry of Education in terms of both higher education and vocational training, and with regard to dual training, it has received a consulting request so that this type of training can be implemented in Kenya with our help.

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