The Obuda University was the best at EFOTT as well

This year, Obuda University (OU) also participated in the EFOTT Festival with a much larger booth compared to previous years, attracting a significant number of interested young people from July 12 to 16. Our students enjoyed the refreshing waters of Lake Velence, the concerts, and also took part in the inter-university challenge among over 200 participants. The OU team won the Challenge with an outstanding score!

The University Student Council was well-represented at the event. This year, our university also participated in the EFOTT Challenge. Through an application, festival-goers could earn points by completing various tasks, providing them with the opportunity to win daily prizes or one of the main awards. The Challenge ignited a competitive spirit among the festival-goers, leading some to dedicate an entire day to completing nearly 100 tasks. Over 200 individuals took part in the competition. The challenge also included an inter-university competition, where festival-goers could use an application to explore the stands of different universities. At the Óbudai University stand, attendees even had the chance for a symbolic “marriage ceremony”. At the happiness gate, the young couple was united by the “priest” of OU. This festive ceremony garnered significant success, and OU triumphed in the inter-university competition with an exceptional score.

At the stand, the OU logo-branded promotional items were quite popular, along with the chill zone, where attendees could relax and also charge their phones. On the closing day of the festival, our university team also participated in the EFOTT Festival. The participating universities marched from UNIVERSUM to the main stage, each with their own flag and university merchandise. Based on feedback from participants, the ÓE stand was rated as one of the best at the event.

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